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KS Golf Ball Ceramic Planter

KS Golf Ball Ceramic Planter

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Looking for a herb planter? Check out our KS Golf Ball Ceramic Planter! Perfect for golf enthusiasts and personalized gifts. Available at our Online Gift Shop.
The KS Golf Ball Ceramic Planter is a sophisticated addition to the KS Arts Collection, available through our online gift shop perfect for golf enthusiasts and plant lovers alike, this unique ceramic planter adds a touch of elegance to any setting. This Personalised Gift offers a stylish touch to both indoor and outdoor plant arrangements. For gardening enthusiasts, this planter combines functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're looking for a personalized gift or shopping at our online gift shop, this looking like balcony hanging planter is a must-have. Take your gardening skills to new heights with this versatile planter, ideal for bulbs, herbs, or even wall display. Gardening as a hobby not only adds beauty to surroundings but also provides numerous benefits such as stress relief, mental peace, and improved air quality. Growing plants, whether through tree plantation or creating an indoor garden under stairs or a indoor miniature garden, allows individuals to connect with nature in small spaces. Outdoor garden plants enhance the outdoor ambience, offering plenty of garden ideas to create a Bagicha, which translates to garden in English. Beautiful plant pots like the round flower pot or stylish planters can elevate the aesthetics of any home. From flower pot designs for homes to pots suitable for balconies or herb planter and bulb planter, gardeners will find a wide range of options to enhance their garden. Whether it's an Indian pot or a medium planter, the options cater to different preferences. Mumbai residents or those looking for Gamla online can explore gift shops near them to discover such exquisite gardening essentials. Explore our wide range of ceramic pots online to find the perfect size and style for your space. Get your hands on these beautiful ceramic planters at wholesale prices. Shop now and discover the joy of gifting from the convenience of your own home with KS Golf Ball Ceramic Planter!

Feature :

  • Size : H2.5" D3"
  • Material : Ceramic
  • Colour : White


  • 1 No. Ceramic Planter without plant and soil
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