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KS Jasmin Mogra Plant Jasminum Plant

KS Jasmin Mogra Plant Jasminum Plant

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Create a tranquil atmosphere in your home with the fragrant KS Jasmin Mogra plant. Discover this charming addition to your home garden at our Online Gift Shop.

Jasmine, scientifically known as Jasminum, belongs to the olive family - Oleaceae and is a genus of flowering plants. It is highly valued as an ornamental plant, prized for its exquisite white or yellow flowers that emit a captivating fragrance. Within the genus, several species of jasmine exist, but the most widely cultivated ones are Jasminum officinale - common jasmine, Jasminum sambac - Arabian jasmine, and Jasminum polyanthum - pink jasmine.

Here are some key points about jasmine plants:

Appearance: Jasmine plants are typically climbers or vines, although there are also shrub varieties. They have glossy, dark green leaves and produce clusters of small, fragrant flowers. The flowers usually have five or more petals and are often star-shaped.

Fragrance: One of the main attractions of jasmine plants is their enchanting fragrance. The scent is most pronounced in the evening or at night, which is why jasmine is often associated with romance and used in perfumes and scented oils.

Growing conditions: Jasmine plants flourish in warm and tropical climates, thriving in environments with ample sunlight or partial shade. They prefer soil that drains well to prevent waterlogging. To foster healthy growth, it is important to provide sufficient watering while avoiding overwatering. Occasional feeding with a balanced fertilizer can further support their development. Additionally, specific jasmine varieties can be successfully cultivated indoors, expanding their range of suitable growing conditions.

Care and maintenance: To ensure optimal growth and appearance, jasmine plants benefit from regular pruning to manage their growth and form. They possess the ability to be trained to ascend trellises, fences, or walls, enhancing their aesthetic appeal. Pruning plays a crucial role in preserving the plant's health and encouraging abundant flowering. Additionally, providing adequate watering and shielding them from frost or extreme temperatures are vital factors for maintaining their overall well-being.

Remember that specific care instructions may vary depending on the jasmine species and the region you live in. It's always a good idea to consult local gardening resources or experts for precise guidance on growing and caring for jasmine plants in your area.

Size : 4 - 5 Inches
Level of care : Low maintenance & Easy To Care
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