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KS Little Ganesh idol in Glass

KS Little Ganesh idol in Glass

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Bring home the cherished KS Little Ganesh idol in Glass from our online gift shop, a personalized gift that radiates positive vibes and creativity.
Elevate the aesthetic of your living space with the exquisite KS Little Ganesh Idol in Glass from our KS Arts Collection. This delicately-crafted showpiece for home is the perfect way to showcase your love for Lord Ganesh. As a distinguished online gift shop, KS Arts Collection offers an exquisite Personalised Gift option with their KS Little Ganesh idol in glass box. This ganesh idol in a glass case is not only a visually stunning ganpati showpiece but also a thoughtful ganpati gift for various occasions such as the gifts for ganpati festival. With detailed craftsmanship and an antique ganesha statue design, this ganpati bappa murti for gift is sure to bring good luck and positive energy to any recipient. While the cultural significance of gifting ganesha idols may vary, presenting a lord ganesha idol for gift can symbolize blessings, prosperity, and protection. Whether considering a ganesh ji murti for gift or a ganesh statue for gift, individuals can explore the range of ganesha gift items available at KS Arts Collection. For those looking to enhance their car decor, a ganpati statue for car, like a cute ganesha idol for car dashboard, adds a touch of spirituality and charm to the vehicle. In a bustling city like Mumbai, finding unique and meaningful gifts at gift shops near you can be a delightful experience, making the act of gifting ganesha idol as a gift not only appropriate but also cherished. Ultimately, choosing the right ganesha idol for a home or car involves personal preference, but the blessings and positivity that lord ganesha idol for car bring remain timeless. Its intricate design and vibrant colors make it a standout piece that will impress anyone who lays eyes on it. Whether you're searching for a unique showpiece for yourself or a personalised gift for a dear friend, our online gift shop has got you covered. Bring a touch of Mumbai, India, to your home and embrace the positive energy that this showpiece represents!

Feature :

  • Size : H3" W2" D1.5"
  • Material : Polyresin & Plastic
  • Colour : Multicolor 


  • 1 No. Ganesha Idol
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