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KS Lotus Flower Seeds

KS Lotus Flower Seeds

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Make someone's day special with a Personalised Gift like our KS Harshringar Parijat Plant. Customized options available on our online gift shop.
Welcome to KS Arts Collection's online gift shop, where you can explore a world of unique gifts and treasures. Among our offerings is the exquisite Parijat Flower Plant, also known as the harshringar plant, with its delicate leaves and captivating blossoms and This plant, also known as the Parijat Plant in Hindi, is a delightful addition to any green space. With its fragrant Harshringar flowers and lush, green Harshringar leaves, this plant brings a touch of elegance and beauty wherever it goes. The harshringar tree, or harshringar ka ped as it's called in Hindi, holds deep cultural significance and is believed to bring good luck according to vastu shastra. If you're looking to bring beauty and fragrance into your space, the parijat plant seeds we provide are the perfect choice. Delve into the enchanting world of night flowering jasmine, known as parijat ka phool, in Hindi, and immerse yourself in its mystical allure. Whether you're in Mumbai or anywhere else, our online gift shop is here to cater to your needs. Explore the parijat plant price, parijat plant images, and indulge in the essence of night flowering jasmine in Bengali. Additionally, being a night flowering jasmine tree, the Parijat plant is great for those late evening strolls in your garden, as its blooms release a sweet fragrance that uplifts the mood and relaxes the mind. Embrace the magic of nature and find the perfect personalised gift that resonates with your heart. Gift shops near you may not offer such a diverse selection, but with us, you can bring home a piece of tranquility and beauty. So, why not bring home the KS Harshringar Parijat Plant online today and add a touch of magic to your outdoor space!

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