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KS Perlite for soil mix

KS Perlite for soil mix

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Perlite is a popular additive used in potting mixes to improve soil structure, drainage, and aeration. It is a lightweight, sterile volcanic glass that is heated to high temperatures, causing it to expand and form tiny, air-filled particles. Here are some key points about perlite for potting mix:

Soil Aeration: Perlite has excellent air-holding capacity due to its porous nature. When added to potting mixes, it creates air pockets that allow oxygen to reach plant roots, preventing root rot and promoting healthy growth.

Water Drainage: The presence of perlite in potting mixes enhances drainage by preventing water from becoming stagnant and saturating the soil. It helps to maintain an ideal balance of air and water in the root zone.

Lightweight: Perlite is lightweight, which makes it a desirable component in potting mixes. It reduces the overall weight of the mix, making it easier to handle and move containers.

Sterility: Perlite is sterile, meaning it is free from pathogens, weed seeds, and pests. This property makes it suitable for use in potting mixes, minimizing the risk of plant diseases.

pH Neutrality: Perlite is pH-neutral, so it does not significantly affect the acidity or alkalinity of the potting mix. This makes it versatile and compatible with a wide range of plant species.

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