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KS Vignaharta ganesha Idol

KS Vignaharta ganesha Idol

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Elevate the aesthetics of your living space or surprise your loved ones with a gift like no other - the KS Vignaharta Ganesh Idol or red ganpati idol. As a part of our prestigious KS Arts Collection, this exquisite showpiece brings the charm of Mumbai, India, right into your home. The KS Vignaharta Ganesh Idol is a stunning representation of Lord Ganesha in a vibrant red hue, often referred to as the red Ganesh murti or Lal Ganpati. KS Vignaharta Ganesh Idol from KS Arts Collection is a premium addition to your gifting needs, available at the online gift shop specializing in Personalised Gifts. Embracing a wide array of options ranging from ganpati idols for car, small ganesh statue for gift, ganpati statue for home, ganpati idol for gift, to ganesh showpieces and ganpati murti for gift, this collection exudes elegance and spiritual significance. Combining beautifully crafted resin ganesh idol and antique finishes, these exquisite Lord Ganesha statues bring an aura of good luck and positivity. While large ganpati statues might not be available, the variety of beautiful ganpati statue available for cars, homes, and even for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations cater to diverse preferences. With options like small Ganesha idols suitable for gifting and decorations, this collection offers thoughtful ganpati gift ideas for various occasions. This red Ganpati murti exudes a sense of power, strength, and presence, making it a highly sought-after and revered choice for those looking to bring blessings and positivity into their homes or workspaces. Whether displayed during festive occasions or as a daily source of inspiration, the red color Ganpati images radiate a sense of auspiciousness and joy, making it a cherished addition to any religious or spiritual setting.Whether considering gifting a Lord Ganesha idol for car dashboard or home, or even for an office, these idols make perfect adornments symbolizing prosperity and removing obstacles. So, if you are looking for ganesha small idol or stunning Lord Ganesha statues, including those for gifts, KS Vignaharta Ganesh Idol collection stands out with its beautiful craftsmanship and significance, making it an ideal choice, especially for those in Mumbai looking for gift shops nearby. Handcrafted to perfection, this idol captures the benevolent and majestic essence of Lord Ganesha, making it an ideal addition to your home decor or a unique personalized gift. Browse through our online gift shop and seize the opportunity to own an enchanting symbol of devotion and artistry that will surely become a treasured possession.

Feature :

  • Size : H2.5" D1.5"
  • Material : Polyresin
  • Colour : Red


  • 1 No. Ganesha Idol
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